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Finding an Example of a Research Paper Appendix

The appendix is a nice tool to use when writing a paper. Generally the words you use in the part do not count toward your required word count. This document goes in the back of the paper.

It will provide additional non-essential support to your thesis or hypothesis. An example of this would be a chart. The details are considered nonessential, because if you took them away, the paper would say the same thing. They act as extra support that is not included in the paper because it will interrupt the flow. If you insert six tables into the actual piece, your reader would be distracted as he started and he stopped. Put those charts at the back of the piece in a separate section.

If what I am saying makes no sense to you, you may want to find a model piece. You can use the model as a reference as you write yours. There are several tips for finding an example of a research paper appendix.

Out Tips

  • Hire a writing company to provide the model for you. Since you are not asking for a custom researched and written piece, the cost will be minimal. You can rest knowing that a professional has provided this document for you. If you form a relationship with a company, you will always have them for your as need basis.
  • If you just do a general search, you will end up with a lot of junk. However, in that junk may be the perfect piece. Just make sure that the document you decide to use is written correctly, written by a qualified person, and formatted correctly. Using a poor example will not help you at all. You can use an edu or an org web address in order to make sure the piece is correct. Even with these addresses, be very particular about what you decide to use.
  • Go to a freelance site, and then hire a writer to provide or to make the document for you. Check the references and the reviews for the person you decide to use. You will need to decide on a due date and on a price. Many people us e freelance sites for personal help. Once you locate a group you like, bookmark the page, so you can use them as you need them for your writing.