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Compare and Contrast Essay Titles

Essays are an important part of a learner’s life. The Compare & Contrast type of essay equally explores the differences and similarities between the two issues. It does so by contrasting and comparing them. Finding a suitable title with two items for comparison and contrast can be challenging for many individuals. So do you need inspiration such as some fair assignment geek reviews to start your writing with the help of professionals?

Title Samples for Compare and Contrast Essays

You need to pick a title that will enable your essay writing to show a preference for one item over another. The language used should bring out the preference without showing your perspective. Here is a catalog of title samples for consideration in writing your compare and contrast essay.

  • Should we vaccinate infants or not?
  • Corn or wheat grain: which is superior for an individual and why
  • Conventional and non-conventional medical approaches
  • Psychiatry vs. psychology: similarities and differences
  • The natural aging or plastic surgery: which is better?
  • Adult and juvenile criminal justice
  • Civil vs. criminal justice
  • Liken the modern law to the 18th-19th century decree system
  • The western and eastern approach to punishing domestic violence perpetrators
  • Gospel vs. blues music
  • Beethoven vs. Straus
  • Classical vs. pop music
  • Country vs. rock music
  • Conventional vs. GMO crops
  • Developments in music: 20th vs. 21st centuries
  • Playing vs. listening to music
  • Flute vs. saxophone
  • Piano vs. guitar
  • Violin vs. trumpet
  • Traditional vs. modern drums
  • Android vs. iOS
  • Google+ vs. Facebook
  • 3D vs. 2D movies
  • 360⁰ vs. traditional video
  • Writing letters vs. texting
  • Social vs. economic studies
  • Freelance working vs. full-time office working
  • Nurturing kids in the dual-career family vs. nurturing kids in ta family with one stay at home parent
  • Eastern and Western world’s gender roles
  • Emigration vs. immigration
  • Real vs. online dating
  • Physical vs. virtual friendship
  • Extroverts vs. introverts
  • Religion vs. tradition
  • Buddhism vs. Islam
  • Christianity vs. Atheism
  • Protestant vs. catholic 
  • Virtual wallets vs. physical wallets
  • Sect vs. traditional religion
  • Look at the uniqueness of the same religious conviction in separate countries, e.g., Islam in the UK vs. Islam in Pakistan or Buddhism in the USA vs. Buddhism in India
  • Polytheism vs. monotheism
  • Speech-language vs. written language
  • Liken an identical language on different developmental stages, e.g., Modern English vs. old English
  • Liken languages from diverse families, e.g., Sino-Tibetan vs. Indo-European languages
  • Dialect vs. language
  • Artificial languages vs. natural languages
  • Artificial intelligence vs. natural intelligence
  • Aztec vs. Maya civilizations
  • Washington vs. Lincoln 
  • Colonies of England in India and Africa
  • Reconstruction Era vs. Antebellum Era in the history of America
  • Presidency vs. Monarchy
  • Democrat vs. republican
  • German government vs. American government
  • Relate two periods of art, e.g., Renaissance art vs. Gothic art
  • Liken two artists such as Michelangelo vs. da Vinci Leonardo
  • Liken two art crusades such as Art Nouveau vs. Abstract Expressionism
  • Films vs. books
  • Liken movie or book characters
  • Liken favorite bands, e.g., Westlife band vs. Backstreet boys band
  • Liken two seasons, e.g., Summer vs. Autumn 
  • Compare computer-based games, e.g., Pinball vs. Solitaire
  • Plane traveling vs. train traveling 
  • Private transportation vs. public transportation
  • Living with parents vs. living in the dorm
  • College vs. high school
  • Tea vs. coffee
  • Liken two sports clubs, e.g., Chelsea FC vs. Arsenal FC
  • Street vs. Gym workout
  • Prose vs. poetry
  • Reality vs. fiction films
  • Adulthood vs. childhood


A properly written compare and contrast essay brings out preferences on its own without the author’s input. But to write a good one, you must pick a good captivating title as well. The catalog of titles provided will inspire you to write and ace in your essay. Remember, there’s no harm in researching or consulting. Adhere to all other basic essay writing tips to make sure your compare and contrast essay stands out.