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How to avoid boring essay topics: great advice

Choosing the right essay topic is just as important as writing the essay itself. Nobody wants to read a boring essay; you can avoid this by choosing an interesting subject to write about that is going to capture the attention of the reader. Put some consideration and thought into selecting the right subject. Here is some great advice to help you avoid choosing boring essay topics.

Choose a popular topic: If the subject has gained a lot of media or academic attention you have more of a chance of the reader having an interest in the subject. Think about it this way, if you don’t want to read about a boring subject, why should your professor? A subject that does not capture the attention of the reader is very difficult to read, and even though they are forced to read it, they won’t be doing so with a smile on their face which could potentially affect your overall grade.

What do people want to read: Any subject that people want to know more about is worth writing about. There are so many interesting topics that you can write about and if you do some research, you are sure to find out what is trending in academic circles.

Give your reader something to think about: A predictable essay topic can be just as mind numbing as an outright boring topic. You want to engage your reader with some thought provoking information. Therefore, don’t write about something that does not require you to think and analyze what you are writing about.

Too personal: Your professor isn’t interested in your life story, this too can be boring. Stay away from subjects that are too personal and involve revealing too much of yourself to the reader. Discussing something of a private nature in your essay is an indication that you have no understanding of the concept of boundaries.

Cliché topics: You want to stay away from a subject that has been written about over and over again with the same conclusions drawn. Find a topic that is popular, but not too popular that you will be able to add something new to current research.