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Wireless Communications

Wireless communication is one of the biggest contributions to technology. Today most things we use have wireless technology. From radios, to internet, Wi-Fi, cell phones, cordless phones, television remotes and so on and so forth. Some of these devices have a short range of only a few metres like a TV remote control. On the other hand, some devices have a range that goes over thousands of miles for example radio signals or satellites.

The advantages of wireless communication are as follows:

  • Quick: It is one of the fastest and most effective forms of communication. It is enhanced to reach consumers very quickly.
  • Ease of Access: Working individuals have ease of access with this technology. They can access the internet anywhere and at any time without having the need to plug in.
  • Breaking Boundaries: People in far flung areas can communicate with central cities quickly. This helps save lives in many situations.
  • Cheaper: Wireless systems are much easier to install and to maintain because they cut down the added cost of wires and installations.

While there are many good things about it, there is also a downside to using wireless networks. Since wireless systems are so easy to use there are no restrictions. Information can easily be hacked by professional miscreants who know how to get unauthorized access into systems. Stringent security protocols need to be put in place to keep hackers out. If that is not done, sensitive information can be hacked and used against individuals.

The Future

Wireless communication has already taken our lives by storm; however it is set to take an even bigger role in the future. Most countries around the world have 3G, 4G and LTE networks. These wireless communication systems are aimed at fulfilling business needs and consumer needs for people. It is also set to play a fundamental and important role in the field of medicine and education. Children will be able to gain access to quality education even in the most far flung villages and medical response time will be shortened.

There is no questioning the fact that wireless communication has done much for the benefit of humankind. As technologies continue to evolve, there is even talk of implanted wireless communication. This means that people will be able to communicate with other people thousands of miles away with only a single thought. There may come a time when the next generation of humankind finds the notion of having to use a device to call others as ludicrous as we do of using a landline telephone.